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Uncle Butch, sawyer

photo by Stefanie Eskander, copyright 2008

Hi.  I'm Uncle Butch and I've been a sawyer (saw player) for about 30 years.  I teach the craft at folk festivals and events.  I will use this site to let you know where and when I will be teaching and/or playing.  If you are interested in learning to play the saw and do not find a venue convenient to you, please contact me on my cell phone: (909) 489-6883, or email me at unclebutch@hibben.org .
If you are interested in coming to a meeting of the Riverside Folk Song Society, where I frequently attend and add saw to the mix of music, click on the link above.

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Or order directly from us by emailing your request and snail mailing your check ($15.00 - includes shipping).


click here to download "how to play the saw"

The saw is not for everyone, but that's what makes it such a fun instrument - playing the saw definitely makes the sawyer (saw player) a unique addition to a jam session, a concert, or an impromptu gathering of musicians. 
Included here is the handout I use at the workshops I conduct. It has a number of hints for saw playing and includes my philosophy of using this instrument.  Click on the link under the image of the saw to the left of this dialog box.

My secondary instrument is the spoons.  They provide a lot of fun for those whose musical inclinations stray towards the less formal.  I also teach workshops for this instrument and frequently remind people:  one spoon player can add a lot, if the beat is even and the song has the right tempo; two spoon players can be downright annoying.  Please exercise "spoon courtesy" when adding this instrument to a jam session or song circle.  If you would like to learn to play the spoons, you can download my instruction sheet from here:

click here to download spoons instruction sheet

Link to YouTube Video of the Spoons Workshop at the Flagstaff Folk Festival, 2008 (fastforward to 3:40 into the video for the workshop clip)

(the little girl to Butch's left is our granddaughter, Anya Pitterle)


Check back after the first of the year for information on the 2013 presentations.

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